Webcam Software and Video surveillance

User friendly artificial intelligence in video surveillance.


A real live journal for your webcams that makes video surveillance smart.
You have many other important things to focus on,
rather than watching the monitor.

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Home Security
Receive immediate notifications in telegram messenger and know what is happening inside and outside of your home.

Baby / Kid Monitoring
Add a webcam to a room to keep an eye on your children.

Pet Surveillance
Keep an eye on your pets.

Outdoor Monitoring
Get an alerts when someone stays near your property.

Share your cameras
You can share your camera with your friends, co-workers and customers
How much does home video surveillance cost?
The equipment installation price depends on the following factors:

The quantity and quality of CCTV cameras;

Equipping with microphones for sound recording;

Storage period of video recordings;

Remoteness of your object from the city;

The area of the object itself and its territory.

Also, the cost may be affected by the complexity of equipment installation.